Douchebags of the Week...

Greetings puny Earthlings, another week, another line-up of douche-bag behaviour. Let's get started.

The People's Republic of China- For picking on Tibet, among other things, and screaming like a troll with a hang-nail if anyone says boo about the fact that their government is a shower of bastards.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright- For somehow mistaking the command to "love thy neighbour" as "loathe thy neighbour." Congratulations, you are officially the black Fred Phelps.

Barack Obama- For listening to Wright's vitriolic sputum for 20 years and only now, when it's costing him votes, does he stand up to him. Great, if this is how he handles a non-homicidal bigoted preacher, how will he handle Bin Ladin?

Hillary Clinton- For shamelessly selling out her country and becoming a shill for Al Qaida by declaring the Iraq War "unwinnable" so she could win back some of the Kos Kids. She's become such a big political whore, Eliot Spitzer is going to call her.

Wall Street- For getting hung up on shaky sub-prime mortgages and then crying for a bail-out when they blow up in
their face. Wall Street, the we have no balls street. Here's an idea, try common sense and capitalism! Now I know why they're all backing Hillary and Obama, they want welfare for the rich.

If you're on this list, then always remember that...
Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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irish19 said...

Don't you think "Shower Of Bastards" would make a great name for a rock group?