Random Rambling Reality Checks

Greetings puny Earthlings. Just a few scatter-shot thoughts about things happening on your wretched little rock.

now demanding a re-vote because they violated party rules and got their delegates disqualified. It looks like their being punished for being Democrats. They violated their own rules, not for any constitutional or idealistic reason, but to get more media attention, they knew full well that they would be disqualified from the convention, but they did it anyway, and now they're crying about it not being fair.

They're the perfect Democrats.

BARACK OBAMA & THE MEDIA are in a relationship so creepily close I'm expecting Chris Matthews to fall to his knees and publicly fellate the candidate from Chicago during the next debate. Sure, his preacher and mentor is a raving conspiracy spouting racist lunatic, but he's eloquent and charming, so let's talk about Mitt Romney's sacred underpants.

DAVID MAMET IS THE BRAVEST MAN IN ENTERTAINMENT because the salty mouthed playwright/filmmaker had the brass balls to publicly declare his daring new outlook on life and politics, in, of all places, The Village Voice. He will never get another good review, award nomination, or any good press for the rest of his life. Mr. Mamet, I salute you.

HILLARY CLINTON IS A MORAL COWARD for trying to win back the lefty base of the Democratic Party by declaring that a war that America is winning, is "un-winnable." At least Tokyo Rose had a gun to her head to excuse her enemy propagandizing, what the hell is Hillary's excuse? Oh right, her unending lust for power... how could I forget.

JOHN F. KERRY IS AN IDIOT for declaring that Obama's race will somehow bridge the gap between America in the Middle East. I guess having two African-Americans as head diplomat for the past 7 years didn't count, and by the way, aren't Muslims from the Middle East going to Darfur in Somalia to hunt black Africans for sport? Yeah, they really respect black people.

IF WILL SMITH BECAME A SCIENTOLOGIST then he is off my Xmas card list, because I won't abide anyone who picks on my old friend and mentor Xenu, who, by the way, has never dissed anyone about their race. He's eaten everyone regardless of their skin-colour.

That's all for now. Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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jpm100 said...

"JOHN F. KERRY IS AN IDIOT for declaring that Obama's race will somehow bridge the gap between America in the Middle East."

Obama may not be a Muslim, but even John Kerry realizes Obama's ties to Islam are not zero and apparently run both ways.

Its also pretty clear he's going to try to make the world love us by kissing our enemies' backsides.