A Question of Logic

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(MoxArgon Group Entertainment Reporter)

Greeting organics of the planet Earth.

My attempts to "weasel" my way out of the position as the "entertainment reporter" for the MoxArgon Group have failed and I am compelled by my employer to post something related to your already over-exposed entertainment industry.

I have decided to engage in a search for some signs of logic in the western world's entertainment industry, but only found these pieces by respected playwrights David Mamet, and Tom Stoppard.

Which raises 2 questions.

Why is the revelation that two people, who enjoy all the benefits of a free society, appreciating that free society big news?

Why don't other "celebrities" feel the same appreciation for the free society that makes their fame and success possible?


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B,C. said...

Because the vast majority of "celebrities" are brain-dead douchebags.