Everybody's a Nazi Except Me & Osama Bin Ladin


I hope all you God-lovin' inbred hillbilly Nazi fascist freaks enjoyed your Zombie-Jesus Day. (Isn't that Zombie-Jesus Day joke just so freakin' original)

I'm sure a lot of you took a break from your daily racist lynchings and
child molestation & banjo festivals to go attend services in one of your scumsucking temples to the magic sky-fairy.

Well guess what!

You're a NAZI!

That's right. Especially if you're one of those evil little Catholics like Bill O'Reilly.

Do you know why?

Because your Pope is a Nazi!

That's right, when he was a teenager Pope Benedict (AKA Joe Ratzinger) was in the Hitler Youth in his native Nazi-Land (AKA Germany).

So I guess you all better back the f*ck down when you're talking trash about Barack Obama and his Preacher Jeremiah Wright.

Sure Ratzinger was taken from his seminary and forced to join the Hitler Youth under threat of deportation to a death camp, and Barack Obama joined Wright's church, not only of his own free will, but to cynically advance his political career BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

And yeah, Ratzinger did get the hell out as soon as he saw a way to escape the threat of torture and death and returned to a life dedicated to serving God and his fellow man, while Barack Obama stayed for twenty years listening to this preacher condemn white people, Jews, and Amerikkka in general BUT IF OBAMA LEFT THAT CHURCH HE WOULD NEVER HAVE BECOME FRIENDS WITH OPRAH WINFREY!

Don't you inbred hicks see the logic here?

A teenage Ratzinger being forced at gunpoint to join an organisation that was actively working against everything he believed in, including the Catholic Church, is way worse than an Ivy League educated adult freely choosing to spend 20 years listening to and exposing his family to race-hatred and conspiracy theories to advance his political career.

But you typical white people just can't see the truth.

If only you Nazi inbred pig-dogs were as smart as me, you'd be writing for the Huffington Post too.

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Leo Pusateri said...

Dang, you guys are great....

By far one of my favorite reads.

Who needs Michelle Malkin?