The Leftist Mind: The Back End of Fear...

Greetings puny Earthlings.

I'd like to start by saying that those wacky Democrats truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Lately they've been giving me quite a few insights in how the Leftist Mind views the concept of FEAR.

It's a common theme among leftists to accuse Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who shows a little common sense of "fear mongering."

You see the Leftist Mind thinks it is irrational fear mongering to be concerned about terrorists, nuclear aggression by mad theocrats, and other folks that seek to kill, maim, or even mutate the innocent.

And this raises the question: If all those worries are irrational fears then what exactly do Leftists fear?

Well there are several answers:

WHAT THEY FEAR: According to liberal Democrat Tom Harkin, folks should fear the US Military or, as the press likes to call it, The Killbot Factory, and that anyone who volunteers for military experience should be barred from public office, and shunned like potentially homicidal lepers. A view shared by other Democrats like John Murtha.

WHY THEY FEAR IT: Because it's an organisation dedicated to something other than their own power, namely the US Constitution and freedoms ensciribed therein. You see, the Leftist Mind is a solipsist mind, it views everything in terms of what gets power for itself and its allies, and any person or group that doesn't think in those terms should be feared and hated.

WHAT THEY FEAR: Global Warming. Sure, 31,500 scientists originally, and erroneously cited as supporting anthropogenic global warming went public to call it bunkum, the Left still says that it's going to destroy the entire planet and all life on it by sometime next week unless they're given total and absolute control.

WHY THEY FEAR IT: They don't really fear it. But they do see potential in fearing it for profit and power, the two main drives of the Leftist Mind. By ringing the doomsday bell, and shouting down all who dare speak treason, they can get laws passed that give them more control over the lives of others, while others profit hugely from supposedly "green" carbon credit scams.

WHAT THEY FEAR: Real alternative media. Talk radio, conservative blogs, etc.... these outlets, and their ideas have been blamed for everything from school shootings, war, cancer, why Michael Moore is fat.

WHY THEY FEAR IT: Because the Leftist Mind is about control. They want everyone to think like they do, and all the press to talk like they do. Alternative media is just that, an alternative to the group think attitude that dominates the mainstream press and it scares the living crap out of them. Plus, the hard questions these outlets ask, often expose their naked lust for power and control.

WHAT THEY FEAR: Christianity. According to Leftists, Ch
ristianity is the sole single cause of all problems in the world, and invented war, famine, plague, pestilence, and music of N*Sync.

WHY THEY FEAR IT: Because it believes in things beyond the state, and Christianity's root morality, which emphasizes free will, and personal ethical choices, often stands against absolute state power.

WHAT LEFTISTS DO NOT FEAR: Radical Islamist terrorists, dictatorships, economy destroying socialist policies, and the greed and corruption surrounding favourite pet projects like the UN, and the environmental movement.

WHY DON'T THEY FEAR THEM: Because they share the same core belief and ultimate goal of the Leftist Mind, the subjugation of individual will, to the overarching power of the state, human cost be damned.

That's all for now, keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Marvin said...

What they really need to fear is the election of a true populist leader, like Cobra Commander, or the invading hordes of the Great Remulak Moxargon. That is a lot scarier then the weather becoming more pleasant.

zoey said...

i am so stealing that picture of al gore with the earth beachball behind him...