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Damian G. said...

When are you going to get some sense and endorse the brilliant goddess that is Sarah Palin for John McCain's VP?

Just do it. It's like an anal probe of happy.

RT said...

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

Marvin said...

Are Obama's ears actually some kind of alien implanted mind control device? If so, do they put him under the control of alien overlords, or do they help him control the wills of the simple minded, like journalist?

Libsareb Raindead said...

O Overlord of the Known Universe ...and minions,

Given your infinitely superior knowledge and advanced technologies, I'm sure you know of a way to convert the mushy sludge known as liberals' "brains" into something actually beneficial to mankind; namely, an abundant source of readily exploitable crude oil.

If we do all the domestic drilling for it and give you all but a few measly hundred billion barrels off the top, so to speak, would you be interested in working out an intergalactic trade deal between your group and our planet for this new oil? It's a metaphysical certainty liberals would unanimously go along with such a deal because they'd feel they'll be "doing something" to "Save the Planet™" and deny any huge "windfall profits" to "evil Big Oil®." Plus they won't miss that pre-converted pristine sludge since they never had the first use for it anyway.

Not sure what you'd do with the resulting trillions of barrels of liberal crude, however. Perhaps keep a vast army of marauding battle robots well oiled for another two or three hundred millennia?

Marvin said...

Why is it always unattractive southerners in trailer parks who get probed? Living in the south, and having colorful employment, I must say it drives me nuts having to listen to these peoples complaints all the time. If it is you probing them, and you must do so, couldn't you evaporate the dumber of the bunch? It would have the added bonus of sabotaging any future Ron Paul/ Mike Huckabee campaigns.

RT said...

What will be the big surprise of the upcoming elections?

Chris in NC said...

How many planted trees of carbon offsets do you have to buy from Al Gore to fly your ships around the world?

What is the hottest picture of Billie Piper that Remulak has?

Wyatt Earp said...

Who wins in this three-way battle royale: Boba Fett, Darth Maul, or Nancy Pelosi?