Random Rambling Reality Checks

Greetings puny Earthlings. Sorry for being so lazy lately, but I made the mistake of visiting Gremuflax 05 to visit one of my wives.

Never visit a desert planet during its summer. You'll either end up baking alive or rigging your fusion drive to run the air conditioner.


Anyhoo, I've taken a moment to look at your politics and its led me to ask a few questions.

1. Does anyone know that Obama's pledge to double the capital gains tax will most likely spark a stock market crash on election day as everyone scrambles to save their profits? Same with the already battered housing market.

2. Why is Obama demanding that people stop criticizing his wife? He put her on the campaign trail, he let her make those nutty statements, and does he remember Howard Dean's wife? She didn't say anything crazy, so no one said anything about her.

3. Does anyone realize that the so-called "fairness doctrine" is not just censorship, but also a welfare program for failed talk show hosts?

4. Global Warming hysterics love to accuse so-called "deniers" of being "in the pay of big oil" but does anyone realize that the AGW hysteria is one of the key reasons oil prices are so high? So who is really out to make billions for big oil?

5. Why do environmentalists get so upset about a tightly regulated American offshore drilling industry, but unregulated drilling in Africa, Arabia, Venezuela, and other countries are okay?

That's all for now, keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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