The Leftist Mind/ Reality Check Combo


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exposed her deeply held misunderstanding of her apparently shallowly held faith by declaring that the Catholic Church only opposed abortion and believed in the sanctity of human life for 50 years, completely ignoring the 1950+ other years of church history.

So what does this tell us about the Leftist Mind?

Two things.

1. Pelosi really doesn't know much about the religion she claims to belong to. That's because to the Leftist Mind, the material world, and its most immediate needs and wants, is the only world they truly believe in. They don't really believe in anything else, no matter what they say. Faith exists only to "scam the peasants" into giving them power.

2. Pelosi, like others of her ilk, are incredibly narcississtic. They believe that the immediate history that occured around them is the only history that matters, even when all they know is the thinnest surface view of that history. It's why baby boomers are so wrapped up with Global Warming, they think the weather they knew in their childhood is the only proper climate the Earth could, and ever should, know.


The lefties have been all atwitter lately about McCain "not knowing the number of houses he owns." Well, first, it looks like even the media knows how many, because the number varies from seven to eleven, and second, from what I've seen McCain doesn't appear to own these homes. His wife, the very wealthy Cindy McCain owns them, and it's not like they actually live in some of these homes, with several housing relatives, and others acting as investment properties.

So what if John McCain doesn't keep track of what his wife owns, at least she paid for them herself, and didn't have someone like Tony Rezko finagling the deal.


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