Douchebags of the Week! The Windy Edition!

Greetings puny Earthlings. It's time for another look into the world of Earthling Douchebaggery, so let's get it started...

- THE DAILY KOS: For wasting gigabytes of internet space, speculating, theorizing, and just plain slanderizing Sarah Palin's family with tales of conspiracies and cover ups. Plus there's also the hypocrisy inherent in it, because if a Democratic candidate's teenage daughter got pregnant, and didn't have take the convenience of abortion, they'd be declaring that it was "private family business."

- THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA: This is a partially pre-emptive douchebagging, because I just know that they're going to go after Bristol Palin hammer and tongs, because of her mother's crime of being a Republican. They've already started, but now that Hurricane Gustav failed to become Katrina 2: This Time It's Political, the real hunt will begin. And the sad part is that most will not even recognize their innate hypocrisy.

- JOE BIDEN: For playing politics while lecturing others on the necessity of not playing politics during a natural disaster. That and for the hair plugs.... hell, he's a douchebag just for being Joe Biden.

- ALAN COLMES: For sacrificing what little journalistic integrity he had left to jump on the Attack Palin with Rumour, Innuendo, & Speculation Bordering on Science Fiction bandwagon.

- BARACK OBAMA: For fighting so hard to prevent the release of the papers from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which is the only management/executive experience he has. Why Obama? Is it the fact that you handed out around $100,000,000 to Chicago schools and they failed to improve one bit? Or was it the fact that the founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and your inevitable close colleague is your fave bomb-tosser Bill Ayers?

So remember folks, if your name is on this list:
And keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Chris in NC said...

The kind Kos-hole posted this today:
"Republicans have found a way to deflect some of it with an erroneous story that scurrilous rumors originated and were enthusiastically spread by the DailyKos community. While some have tried to make the ludicrous claim that comments posted on this site are driving coverage, the fact of the matter is that this story would have eventually come out anyway, but a few anonymous and irregular users of this site gave the McCain campaign the best cover they were going to get in releasing this embarrassing side effect of their failure to vet their nominee. As a result, the entirety of this community, the majority of whom have denounced and complained about the use of this site to spread conspiracy theories, are now getting smeared in the traditional media."

The original link that said Sarah Palin was not Trigs mom has been removed (shocker).

I am now off the sidelines in a big way. I am going to stump for McCain just so I can cruise the kos and DU sites and watch them cry.

Chris in NC said...

Rats, that should have been the KING kos-hole...

Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant said...

Rats, that should have been the KING kos-hole...

No, it should've been the QUEEN Kos-hole... :-)