I hear you got caught spewing a bogus nutroots smear as fact simply because it was about Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. Since you're the type to believe anything you're told as long as it fits your personal political bigotries here are some more bogus things for you to believe.


1. Sara Palin not only believes in dinosaurs, she occassionally hunts them in a secret "Lost Valley." The entrance to it is located behind the Rite-Aid at the Wasilla shopping centre.

2. Sarah Palin has never associated with, or ran bogus "foundations" alongside admitted, unrepentant terrorist.

3. John McCain also believes in dinosaurs, because he had a pet one as a boy.

4. Sarah Palin believes that even Jews have a right to live!

5. Since neither Sarah Palin or John McCain have snorted cocaine off the buttocks of an underage prostitute, they have nothing in common with Hollywood voters.

6. John McCain & Sarah Palin believe that Barack Obama has poor judgement, no executive experience, and questionable policies, both foreign and domestic.

7. Sarah Palin looks better in a bikini than Joe Biden. Joe Biden in a bikini, is simply too disturbing.

8. John McCain has a small rat living in his jacket pocket. He calls him Mr. Nibbles, and they've been best buddies since the time they met in a wire cage the Vietnamese locked onto McCain's head.

9. Sarah Palin is really Tina Fey.

10. When Sarah Palin shoots people in the face, she means it.

Hope you like them Matt, then maybe you'll learn to stick to playing aging boy-men in movies, and to stay out of politics.

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Anonymous said...

Barack Obama enlists Bill Clinton, George Bush, Matt Damon and Kanye West to rebut and deflect the ‘lipstick issue’. Check out the video here.