Reality Check: Whoopi's Gone Loopi...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Time for another reality check.

Former comedian, though she never was very funny, turned talk show host Whoopi Goldberg wins the Cameron Diaz Award for Most Idiotic Talk Show Political Statement for this Election.

She landed the prize while interviewing Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain and she asked:
WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Do I have to be worried about becoming a slave again?
In a stunning display of self-control John McCain didn't respond with: "Are you high?" but tried to have an intelligent conversation. Something that doesn't happen on The View.

Now she'll claim that she was trying to have a discussion over McCain's position on the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision, which is according to Whoopi more sacred than life itself.

However, what she claims, and what she really meant are two different things.

Whoopi was once again trying to associate Republicans with slavery, racism, and all the other permitted evils.

She wants you to forget about how the Republican Party was started as an anti-slavery party, its first president was Abraham Lincoln, who did a little thing called the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION, and I think a few thousand Republicans died to end slavery in a little event called THE CIVIL WAR.

The party of slavery has always been, wait for it.... THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Of course you're not allowed to mention that, and she'll never dare ask Obama about being the candidate of the historical party of slavery, the KKK, that currently has an ex-Grand Kleagle clogging up the Senate like a lump of fat in an artery.

Whoopi, your sleazy political cheap shot and attempt to rewrite history, is a new low, even for a pretty low-balling show like The View.

Keep watching the sky, because we're watching you.

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Salvatore said...

Thanks, I forgot to DVR this, since I wanted to see how McCain handled himself. Why oh why didn't he just respond, "Well, I don't know Whoppi, but if the Democrats decide to bring it back again, we Republicans will be there to put a stop to it again, just like last time." And then maybe follow up with how most people wouldn't take her for free much less pay to put up with her annoying fat ass.