The Leftist Mind: The Canadian Leftist Mind

Canadian pseudo-journalist Heather Mallick decided to scrape off the few crumbs remaining of the facade of her journalistic integrity with this little piece of digital detritus.

When I first read it (ht- Hot Air) I thought it was a parody of the sort of brain-damaged rants put on by ego-addled celebrities on the Huffington Post, or the "diarists" at the Daily Kos coming off an overdose of patchouli oil, then I realized that she was serious. That the vitriol, hatred, and rambling incoherence was exactly what the
author wanted say, and that she really believes it.

But when someone who knows a few things about Canada, you realize that Senora Mallick and others of her ilk are not uncommon in the Great White North. They hate America, Americans, and everything America stands for like democracy, free speech, the never ending quest for opportunity, and freedom from state control.

There's a reason for this. Leftist Canadians have no concept of themselves as Canadians. To be a proud Canadian would require taking pride in the immigrants who made a home for themselves in Canada, being proud in the accomplishments of fellow Canadians, and in the heroism of Canada's military, even in the face of decades of governmental neglect.

That's an anathema to the Leftist Mind. They don't see the immigrants as innocent people making a home in the face of disease, starvation and war, they see evil Europeans stealing land from the Indians. The accomplishments of Canadians, from insulin to basketball, is shallow jingoism, and the heroism of Canada's military is just stoking the fires of evil imperialism.

To the Leftist Mind patriotism, even with a relatively innocuous country like Canada, is the same as nationalism. To the Leftist Mind nationalism began with Hitler and ended with Serbia's Milosevic, and hence an evil to spurned as you would spurn a rabid dog. Sure it's a misguided interpretation of patriotism, but despite their claims of intellectual superiority, the Leftist Mind is still basically a simple one.

Now since the Canadian Leftist Mind cannot define themselves by what they are: Canadians, they must define themselves but what they are not: Americans.

And here is where the irony comes in.

Canadian Leftists are the most American Canadians of all.

I'm not talking about the go-getting, self-reliant, independent thinking, American who makes his own fate, attends the religion of their choice, cares for their families, and doesn't want the government controlling their lives.

That's who they hate.

Canadian Leftists are like those Americans who vote for the same party at every election, even though it delivers nothing but administrative incompetence, financial corruption, and the whittling down of fundamental liberties. They vote for this same party, even though it does nothing to improve their lives, because it tells them what they want to hear, that they are right, the "other" is evil, and that a blissful state-run utopia is just around the next election. It never comes, but they're not voting for results, they vote for the promise, and the sense of smug superiority that comes with making that promise.

Find a Canadian who is truly comfortable in their identity as a Canadian, and they won't be dishing out the sort of drooling rants Comrade Mallick is known for. They may disagree with American policies, but they won't hide behind the curtain of vitriol, preferring a sincere, and intelligent discussion of the issues at hand.

Now I'd like to know where Lady Heather stands on the issue of the Canadian Human Rights Commissions and their assault on the right of free speech, because the article we're discussing here strikes me as what any rational person would consider hate speech. And here's a simple test you can do at home.

1. Cut and paste her article into a word processing program.

2. Use the Find & Replace function to replace "Republican," "Men," "White," "Conservative," "Right Wing" etc...etc... with the name of the non-white ethnic/non-Christian religious group of your choice.

3. Read the result and ask yourself if anyone published it, would Ms. Mallick lead the charge to the nearest Canadian Human Rights Commission to have the piece banned and its author bankrupted.

It's also a test for yourself. Because if you find the second version offensive and the original version all right, you are a Leftist and a hypocrite. Just like Lady Heather herself.

I consider it hate speech no matter who the target is, but I'm not going to call for her to be banned.

And it's not just that even an alien tyrant like me, honours free speech more than you Earthlings. I have a more practical reason.

I do call for her to shed the disguise of being a journalist, and be exposed for what she truly is, a narcissistic, sexist, bigoted, hack who is not only incapable of objective, intellectually honest, analysis, but also a poor writer who can't even shape her loathing into anything resembling coherence.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


DHH said...

When Thomas Mann wrote about Fritz Oswald Bilse, he must have had a premonition of this lady: "Das Wirken eines Winkel-Pasquillanten, der sein bißchen subalterne Gehässigkeit in falsches Deutsch brachte"

Wyatt Earp said...

Sounds like she considers herself a "citizen of the world." Douche.