Wish List Time!

Greetings, and Merry Christmas puny Earthlings.

That's right, it's Christmas time across the Universe, and we're all getting ready to take a little time off to spend time with the wives and hatchlings while feasting on our slain enemies. (That does not count as cannibalism since they're a different species) Now I took a little trip around your planet and got my hands on what all your famous people want for Christmas. So here are some of the highlights:

BARACK OBAMA: The ability to blame Bush for everything that happens after inauguration day. Also a way to blame Bush for Blagojevich.

SCOOTER LIBBY: For Bush to get off his ass and pardon him for his crime of forgetting a conversation with Tim Russert about something done by Richard Armitage months before.

US ATTORNEY PATRICK FITZGERALD: That Blagojevich forgets a date of a phone call, then it's a slam dunk perjury conviction.

ROD BLAGOJEVICH: Cigarettes, cartons and cartons of cigarettes to use as currency to buy Paul Mitchell hair products.

BERNIE MADOFF: A dreidl, worth $50 billion.

HILLARY CLINTON: A way to convince Obama, Biden, and Pelosi to all take a ride together on a plane, or helicopter of her choice.

AL GORE: That he can convince people that the global cooling cycle is actually a warming cycle.

AL FRANKEN: As many shady votes as he can get to steal himself a Senate seat.

GEORGE W. BUSH: A day off.

REMULAK MOXARGON: Peace on Earth, so that the population is soft and unready when his android hordes arrive. (oops, how did that get in here?)

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you, and a big fat Merry Christmas to everyone.


Chris in NC said...

Merry Christmas y'all. I've enjoyed the heck out of your site this year. Looking forward to reading you in 2009!

God Bless!

RT said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!! :)

waltj said...

Hillary still needs to get the President Pro-tem of the Senate into that bird, then she'll have what she's looking for.

Merry Christmas to all in the Universe.

Digital Fortress said...

Merry Christmas!