A Few Reality Checks....

Greetings puny Earthlings, it's time for a few reality checks.

To the United Kingdom....

1. So, you've banned an American talk-radio host from entering because he's obnoxious. Yet you still bring in Jihadis by the boatload, give them, and their wives welfare, extra perks, all while they spew hatred and use violence against Western Civilization and everything that once made your spent and wretched nation great. But at least Savage won't be able to offend anyone while he's taking the Tower of London tour. Methinks you don't have your priorities straight, or your head out of your ass.

2. Apparently some Labour government MPs and ministers were charging their porn to their expense accounts. Isn't that just like a socialist, wants the state to pay for everything.

And what's with expensing your horse manure? Come on, if anyone can make horse-shit out of thin air, it's a Labour Party Minister.

To the Gay Rights Lobby...

1. By joining Perez Hilton's little jihad against Miss California, you have made a man who scribbles penises on celebrity faces the standard by which all of you are being judged. Take a moment to think about that. Do you really think making a obnoxious wannabe celebwhore the face of the gay rights movement a smart thing?

2. When it comes to gay marriage, do you ever get the feeling you're being used? Face it, common law, and civil unions give you all the same rights as hetero-married couples, and you are perfectly free to start your own church and have little ceremonies too. So why the rush to redefine marriage? Could it be that you are being used to instill state regulation of religious beliefs? Think about it. Do you want to be associated with the destruction of a fundamental freedom, and do you think that will help win them over?

To Democrats...

1. Hey Nancy Pelosi, why'd you lie about approving waterboarding? Oh, right, you're hoping to criminalize the last administration, and being in on the whole "torture conspiracy" kinda puts an onion in your ointment. Well, you know what Goebbels said, if you lie loud enough, and often enough it will become the truth, and remember how well it worked out for him.

2. Cost of flying erratically over Manhattan in Air Force 1 for a photograph to feed Obama's ego:


Scaring the piss out of an entire city:


Maybe it's for the best to get New Yorkers used to running from airplanes, because Obama's security policies will probably make those things a lot more frequent.

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cmblake6 said...

They're all idiots. All of them. BAH!