The Leftist Mind: Everything's Political

Greetings puny Earthlings.

A lot of folks are talking about the recent White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington D.C., it was apparently quite an event with Hollywood stars flocking to bask in the glow of their messiah. That kinda nasally voiced sitcom-second banana is also getting a lot of attention for being obnoxious. I won't mention her by name, because she's an attention whoring intellectually bankrupt hypocrite and moral coward, and she wants the attention, but I will talk about the root of why she did what she did and how it relates to the leftist mind.

You see for the bulk of its history the Correspondents Dinner was a private affair. Everyone would get a little loaded, make a lot of bad jokes about each other, roast the president, the president would roast them, and while folks knew it was going on, the actual details were rarely made public. The whole purpose was for folks in an often adversarial relationship to blow off steam in a harmless manner.

I can't recall exactly when the dinner started to become more public. I think it may have started with someone trying to embarrass the Reagan administration for participating, but I was drinking a lot in the 80s, so my memory's a tad hazy. Especially of my own performance at the 1985 dinner when I welcomed "President Mondale."

But anyhoo, the event started to become public, and with the coming of the GW Bush administration it was well on the path to the complete ruin that it's in now. The press corps, about 95% Democrat, decided that blowing off steam in a friendly manner was somehow beneath them. So the dinner went from a fun evening of professionals, to yet another bitchy political platform for a sitcom second-banana hoping to get her own show by lobbing softballs at her real target, and attacking all his enemies for him in a pretty obnoxious tirade.

So you're probably wondering why they would do this to the correspondents dinner.

Well, to the Leftist Mind everything must serve their ultimate aim: Ultimate Power. There can be no relaxation, no humour, no friendly banter with rivals. There are only servants to "The Cause" and "The Evil" who oppose them. These opponents must be criticized, crucified, and ultimately criminalized. And in this battle for Ultimate Power, everything must be a weapon, and every fight must be to the death.

The headliner wasn't there to entertain, she was there to attack, and hopefully get her own sitcom out of the deal, and she did. She did her duty most obediently, compromising her own claims to believe in gay marriage, free speech, or democracy. Because the causes you claim to believe in are just window dressing when it comes to power and getting as much of it as you can.

She will be rewarded. The mainstream media will call her "brave" for attacking the powerless while giving the powerful a free pass, "original" for rehashing old material, and "brilliant" for being dull and bitter. She followed her orders, and gleefully sold them the withered remnants of her soul.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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