Reality Checks: Understanding Nancy Pelosi

Greetings puny Earthlings.

Nancy Pelosi is now screaming liar, liar, pants on fire at the CIA by saying that they lied to her about waterboarding when they briefed the Intelligence Committee, even though every other member of the committee remembers things different.

Well there's a very simple and scientific explanation for this.

Pelosi's brain is comprised of boiled tapioca pudding.

Now this isn't just political name-calling, this is a scientific phenomena that's been duly recorded by the greatest minds in the Known Universe, and the chief symptom of tapioca-for-brains is a complete and total disconnect from reality. The evidence of Nancy Pelosi's cognitive dissonance is everywhere, just look...

1. Pelosi presents herself as a "self-made woman" who succeeded due to the success of feminism, when in fact all of her political success comes from her politically connected father, and husband, who literally gave her the Democratic copper-bottom congressional seat in San Francisco.

2. Pelosi claims to be a devout Catholic, but is probably the world's most adamant champion of abortion, in all forms.

3. Pelosi claimed to have had a pleasant conversation with the Pope himself, when in the real world he scolded her over her vendetta against the unborn.

4. Pelosi fights free trade claiming that it hurts unions, yet refuses to employ union labour at any of the businesses her family owns.

And there are dozens of other instances where the poor woman is completely disconnected from the world around her. So it is quite believable that while everyone else was discussing water-boarding terrorists, she thought they were discussing grooming tips for unicorns.

The poor tapioca head needs pity, not scorn.

She probably also needs a helmet.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


Anonymous said...

Amazing Woman. Considering she has never done anything worth while in her entire life. Copy that? Not a Damn Thing!
This Old Retired First Class Petty Officer has done more in a single day for the Republic than she and her band of thugs, thieves and liars collectivelly have. I can say that. It's paid for.
GM Cassel
US Navy

cmblake6 said...

And I say again, kill the bitch.