Answers Please?

Hello Earthlings.

I have a few questions and I hope that you can answer them for me.

1. President Obama says that Iran has a right to nuclear energy. Then why does he oppose America having nuclear energy?

2. While I admire President Obama as Earth's messiah, I have to wonder why he is he still campaigning since he's already won the election?

3. Why are people so upset about the Sotomayor nomination? All she did was repeatedly espoused supremacy based on ethnicity and gender, which is okay as long as it's coming from the right ethnicity or gender.

4. Since it is agreed that Rush Limbaugh is responsible for the murder of that saintly abortionist, why are some criticizing various mullahs and imams as being responsible for the deaths of people at the hands of terrorists? We're talking apples and oranges here!!!

5. Why did Angelina Jolie beat Oprah on the celebrity power list? I mean Oprah managed to buy a presidency, can Angelina top that?

That's all for today.

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