A Quick Little Reality Check...

Greetings puny Earthlings. Sorry for the light posting, but I do have a universe to run after all.

Anyway, I'm here to drop off a quick little reality check and I'd like to address it personally to President Barack Obama.

Mr. President I see that you decided to say that Iran has the right to nuclear power, if they have peaceful intent for it.

Well whoop dee-fucking-doo Mr. President.

Of course any country has the right to have nuclear power if they intend to use just for electricity.

However, Iran is not just any country. (Why would a country with a glut of energy reserves need nuclear technology, if not for A-Bombs?)

Neither is North Korea, who are currently cowering from the blazing fury of your strongly worded letter.

The people who rule these countries do not have peaceful intent.

Their intent is to grab power through terror, and there's nothing that dishes out terror better than a nice nuclear bomb in the hands of a deranged, possibly suicidal, lunatic regime.

I know you think it's all America's fault, or Israel's fault, and that if you apologized enough they'll all sing "Give Peace A Chance" in a glorious daisy chain of world peace, but guess what, that ain't gonna happen. All your apologizing is used by them to justify their programs.

So here's what you do with Iran...

1. Cut off the gas. They have lots of oil, but have to import all their gasoline because they're too busy trying to build bombs to build a refinery.

2. Tell Putin to back the fuck off with the meddling. Explain to him that he needs to get his own house in order, considering Russia will be losing Siberia to China by 2050, and Central Asia to radical Islam even sooner.

3. Unleash Israel. They know what to do, and hopefully the new government have the testicular fortitude to do it.

4. Stop apologizing for America. You're their President now, and that means you're apologizing for your own existence, and that makes you look like the political equivalent of jello.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.

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