A WTF Moment...

Greetings puny Earthlings, time for a little reality check...

Yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion where the forces of freedom began the liberation of Europe from Nazism. As usual the commemoration ceremony pulled a few political boners to show that the generation currently in power have nothing on that generation that stormed the beaches. First, they neglected to invite the Queen of England, the only living head of state to have actually served in the military during WW2. And guess what, the Labour government didn't shit kittens about it, until after the media brought up the issue.

Then Gordon Brown called "Omaha Beach" "Obama Beach," a blunder no doubt caused by a Labour politician's innate inability to understand or recall any fundamental history. I mean when you're busy tearing a nation down to its foundations, digging out those foundations, and then pissing in the hole, you don't really have the time to for any book learning.

And Gordon Brown isn't the only symptom.

1. British soldiers with visible war wounds are being asked to stay away from public pools, for fear the signs of their service to their nation may "offend" someone.

2. British schools are refusing to teach an accurate view of their nation's history, because they view teaching the facts Britain's past as an endorsement of "imperialism." Which is funny, because what these same people consider evil imperialism when technologically advanced cultures do it, is considered natural migration in more primitive cultures.

3. The British government denied entry into the country to retired Gurkha soldiers. I'm talking about people who sacrificed their lives and health for Britain in the name of honour, got no honour in return until a movement, promoted by actress/Gurkha friend Joanna Lumley raised holy hell about the issue.

Is this the same nation that stormed the beaches with the Americans, Canadians, Free French, and Poles?

Do the leaders of the UK think of anything beyond their next expense account scam?

I don't think so.

Keep watching the skies because we're watching you.


Random Walker said...

Actually Poles never stormed the beaches of Normandy. Polish Navy and AF supported the landings but first ground units (1st armoured division – the “Black Division”) did not enter combat until weeks later.

Remulak MoxArgon said...

I included the Poles, because they're usually forgotten, and because they helped the Canadians at the battle of the Falaise Gap which marked the end of the Normandy campaign and the beginning of the main French liberation campaign.

Random Walker said...

Absolutely, they are very often ignored despite that by 1945 they fielding more men against Germans than Fwench (or anyone else other than the big three). And yes they fought like lions at Falase and everywhere else they could find the Germans. From Westerplatte to Berlin they kept fighting... but they did not storm the beached on D-day. :p