Random Rambling Reality Checks

Greetings puny Earthlings...

Here are a few quick reality checks.

1. If Martha Coakley has to resort to Al Franken type tactics of zombie voters and finding ballots in abandoned cars to justify her inheritance of Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate, then voters may finally clue in that it's not about health care, it's not about equality, it's all about power. Getting it, and holding onto it.

2. If a bill is more than 100 pages, at most, then it's nothing more than a scam for power and money hidden behind layers of bogus legalese.

3. A friend told me that Pat Robertson is more interested in attention than salvation, and that's why he says the things he does. Being outraged at him is just giving him what he wants because it means you're paying attention. Ignore him, and he goes away.

4. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ticked the "Doomsday Clock" back a full minute because of.... wait for it... the election of Barack Obama. And you know what that means, Earth is now closer to total nuclear annihilation than ever before. Because the BAS deals more in BS when they ignore the simple fact that a psychopathic regime like Iran's is going to go nuclear at any minute because of... wait for it... the election of Barack Obama.

Keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.

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cmblake6 said...

Exactly, your Imperiousnessnessness. If she wins like Franken, you may see v2.0 happen sooner than later.