Culture Corner: Response to the Poetry of Terror

Greetings puny Earthlings.

My, my.

The first issue of Culture Corner has already garnered a response in a very short time. It seems a lot of puny Earthlings don't care for poetry or the people in Gitmo writing poetry. Here are some of their comments:
Anonymous said...

You are sick.

Well, I do have some sniffles, but that mostly due to an allergy to dander from my wife's pet Farbog. But thanks for the concern for my health.
Patty said...

I support GWB’s right to unlawfully hold these prisoners and torture the shit out of them. Who cares if some of them may be innocent they are just dirty brown people anyway. Let’s just continue to rape them. I enjoy hearing that these dirty brown people are subject to eating their own shit.

Gee Patty. I find your comment both racist and misinformed.
First, Jihadist detained at Gitmo are not "dirty brown people" like you say, but relatively clean people from a wide variety of Earth's genetic spectrum. So your attempt to brand them all as "dirty" and "brown" shows that deep down, you are a racist.

Also, the accusations of torture at Gitmo, as filed by a captured Jihadi, according to his training claims that the worst offenses didn't involve being raped, but involving having an underinflated soccer ball, getting shaved against his will, and having a poor quality morning newspaper.

Considering that these are guys who watch beheading videos like pr0n, that's not much in the line of torture. And while the coffee at Gitmo isn't the best (it's that instant crap) you should probably know something about the Gitmo prisoners. Prisoners don't gain weight by eating their own shit.

One thing that is a proven fact, is that Gitmo detainees are definitely better treated than anyone taken prisoner by the groups Gitmo detainees belong to.

Rick said...

Let's try to get our minds around one thing: except for a small portion of America, like those of us in the fields of Left Blogsylvania, no one fuckin' cares that innocent people, captured, tortured, tortured again when they try to protest are in U.S. custody. It's easier to just believe the Gitmo detainees are, as the administration tells us repeatedly, terrible, awful, murderous people. 'Cause not to believe that means you have to confront what's being done in your name. Or suppress it in that Great American Storehouse of Repressed Memory, hoping it never creeps out to consciousness.

Bush would like you to just shrug your shoulders if a few hundred innocent "dirty brown" people are tortued and killed at Gitmo it is no great loss really, they are probably just terrorist lovin evil doers anyway. Those poems will certainly prove that!

So you are operating under the assumption that all prisoners at Gitmo are innocent of terrorism. Many of them are admitted members of Al-Qaida, attended Al Qaida training camps, and have actively participated in terrorist activities in the name of jihad.

And what about the detainees that were released from Gitmo? Many of them have been recaptured, actively engaging in terrorist activities for Al Qaida. I guess the Americans must have made them that way.

Wow, this has been eye opening. Your responses have taught me a few things about the political left.

1. Leftists only believe terrorists who are trained to lie over their own democratic countries.

2. Leftists automatically assume that suspected terrorists who kill for dictators are innocent, yet democracies are always assumed as guilty.

3. Leftists believe that only democratic nations engage in torture and mistreatment. All the other countries that mutilate, castrate and defenestrate prisoners on a daily basis, are only expressing their culture.

4. Leftists automatically assume all others are racists, because deep down, they are the worst racists themselves.

5. Leftists have nothing better to do than post rambling profanity strewn comments on minor political satire blogs in the vain hope that if they use the words "fuck" and "shit" as punctuation to their pre-packaged Democratic Party -Move On- Al Qaida talking point screeds they will somehow convince people that they are right.

Thanks for your input folks. You've taught me a lot about your particular Earthling sub-species.

PS: You forgot to tell me that I'm "worse than Hitler." Come on, get with it people. You're getting a little slow on the uptake.


Anonymous said...

I love how I get under your skin.

Anonymous said...

I do really enjoy your posts Moxie. Why else would I hang around all this time?

You are incredibly intelligent, however; your obvious conservative bias just makes me crazy.

How can two intelligent people (passionate about the state of affairs in this Great Nation) have such different views of the current political paradigm?

Can Moxie come up with a new party? I'm sick of the current (Bush administration) Republicans that are destroying this nation, and I'm fed up with the spineless Democrats who are afraid to make a damn decision.

How does the Moxiecrats sound? Nope, didn't think so. How about Remulakins? No, I don't like that one either.

Can you come up with a new party that can unite America?

Jerub-Baal said...

Wow, having a poor quality morning newspaper as a form of torture.

Maybe we can send them the Boston Globe.

... No, wait,... that would be torture....

Remulak MoxArgon said...

Anony wrote-Can you come up with a new party that can unite America?

Since I'm not an American or an Earthling it wouldn't exactly be fitting for me to start a political party in your country.

But since my alien hordes are planning the conquest of Earth in the next fifty or sixty Earth years, political parties will be the least of your problems.

As for my bias, it's my blog, my bias. 9 out of 10 journalists in the American media, admit giving money and support to the Democrats, what about their bias? At least I don't claim to be unbiased, I simply claim to be right.

Which I am.

As for why you keep coming back. Isn't it obvious?

You want me.

Once you go blue, nothing else will do.

Anonymous said...


That was a good response Moxie! I like your confidence.

(P.S. Maybe Moxie should be red instead of blue)

Sekhmet said...

No, Anonytroll, Moxie will NOT kiss you. You're not his type.

Thomas Smith said...

Just read the pleas from "Culture Corner" and I gotta say these guys are pretty stupid even for lefties. The tragic part is that they think they're being clever.

Damian G. said...

Dammit, MoxArgon! You've just GOT to stop using logic, facts and reason! You're exposing the Left's stupidity too well!

Redneck Chris said...

Damn, MoxArgon you're hysterical. I guess when you rule the galaxy, you can laugh a lot. Just stumbled onto this site. It rocks. Loved the Gitmo poetry.

How about this one:

There once was man from Afgan.
He now shits in a Gitmo can.
He gets 3 hots and a cot
and rug praying spot
but misses f**king his camel Fran.

Y'all are bookmarked and are now a nightly stop.


Patty said...

Redneck Chris proved my point exactly!

Anonymous said...


Was I moving in on your territory?

Moxie would definitely think I'm hot.

Anonymous said...


Keep drinking the Kool-aid buddy.

Redneck Chris said...

How'd I do that Patty? Unless your point was making a terrorist who we caught in the act sit in a prison camp is a good thing.

I do want to go on record here. I DO NOT LIKE the gitmo base. It is way to comfortable. Steak and shrimp for dinner (amongst other meals you and I would have to pay 20 bucks at Outback to get)? Their pornans handled with gloves? You have GOT to be kidding. Close the joint and ship them to Saudi Arabia or back to Afganastan. Let them deal with them.

What's that? They'll be tortured and killed? Dismembered alive? Hmm, I thought we were the bad ones.

I guess Patty, if you are so concerned about their well being and so convinced of their innocence, you can rent them a room at your place...

Seriously though, you have proven MaxArgons point. I almost hope Hilary or Obama wins. That way, when they realize what we have, they can keep the place open without the criticism. After all, you lefites didn't make a peep when President Clinton, based on false information, with no UN vote, without consulting our allies took us to war in Bosnia. Remeber that one? They were supposed to be home by Christmas? They're still there 10 plus years later. War isnt' the answer unless it's a Democrat pulling the trigger I guess.

irish19 said...

Nonny and Patty, please explain to me how Bush and the Republicans destroying America. How have the policies instituted after 9/11 hurt you or anyone you know? Have either of you or anyone you know heard that midnight knock on the door? Other than driving BDS-ravaged leftist haters crazy, what damage has actually been done? We are well and truly in a clash of civilizations unless the Muslim world experiences the equivalent of the Thirty Years War and comes out of it fit to join the civilized world. If there are innocent people in Gitmo, they should be released. However, I suspect the vast majority are not innocent. Oh, and BTW under the rules of war
(Geneva conventions), such as they are living on borrowed time anyway since our guys can shoot them as soon as they find them. They are not entitled to the same treatment as legitimate prisoners of war as POW's are defined under the Geneva conventions.

Anonymous said...

Guantanamo represents the use of torture in dealing with detainees. It represents the unchecked usurpation of power by the executive. It represents great injustice and it needs to close.

What do you mean the policies that the Bush administration has enacted after 9/11? They haven’t done shit except continue a war that has cost us billions.

Patty said...

Are you kidding me Irish19? My cousin had his arms and head blown off in Iraq. Who do you think will be paying for this war? Who is paying enormously high gas prices right now? Who can barley afford health insurance? What about Katrina? What about the administrations never ending push to turn federal agencies into favor filled partisan clubhouses?
What about the illegal evesdropping? What about recent e-coli food scares that resulted in deaths because the agency has been under-funded?

I could go on forever...

Redneck Chris said...

Anon, you and Patty need to get on the same President Bush bash page. I know there are different strains of Bush Derangement Syndrome, but come on. You two need to sync up. Either President Bush hasn't done squat, or he has and it's all illegal. Which is it?

Are you kidding us Patty? Yeesh. Put down the daily kos talking points and take a deep breath. It's better for you. Who is paying for this war? We all are. Yes, the boots on the ground are paying the highest price. It's why we on the right admire our soldiers and put them on the pedestal they so rightly deserve. We too pay a (much smaller) price. In the form of higher gas prices, in the form of having to deal with the muslim nut jobs. In the form of having to overhaul how we look at our security. It sucks, no doubt, but we are now paying for about 30 years on neglect on this problem. Yes, I blame Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush 1 and Clinton. Each had the chance to stand up to the muslim nutjobs and failed us.

3 dollar gas is not fun. No doubt, but there is a way to eliminate it. DRILL ANWAR. DRILL FLORIDA. DRILL DRILL DRILL. For pity sake, we are sitting on top of nearly unlimited crude. If Castro can drill 45 miles off of Florida, why can't we drill 100 miles off Florida? Why? Because left wing democrats like you kill the idea every time. ANWAR is an ice cube. Even with global warming, it's a freaking ice cube. Drill it. As for those poor caribou, too bad. You don't let a walking quarter pounder with cheese dictate your energy policy. The other big problem with gas prices is reineries. Build more of them and tell the evirowackos to go to hell. We haven't opened a new one in 30 years. There's a new one in Arizona, but it can't open because sierra club keeps suing. Speaking of enviromental wackiness, drop the RF gas requirements too. Make national standards and the price plummets even without the drilling or refineries.

So what the heck does health insurance have to do with Gitmo? Because we're in Gitmo, people can't get insurance? This issue has been around for a long time. Before Presidents Clinton, Bush 1 and Reagan. But here's the dirty little secret: health insurance is not that expensive. I pay 350/month for my family through Blue Cross. You can get a catastophic coverage plan much cheaper. It all comes down to priorities. If you have money for cable, beer and smokes, you have money for insurance. If you have money for gold teeth, tatoos or piercings, you have money for insurance. If you have money for car rims, mp3 players and satelite radio, you have money for insurance. You just *choose* not to get it. If you can't afford those items, you can still get treated at any hospital in the country. Just ask all those illegals. Healthcare is not that messed up. People just need to take responsibility for themselves. For those who can't get it because they have cancer or other problems, there are government programs for that.

Katrina. Again how is this related to Gitmo? I get tired of hearing how the federal government didn't respond. First and foremost, it is *NOT* the federal gov't's job to be a first responder. That is the job of the governor and local mayors. They did a crappy job. President Bush cannot come in until invited unless he violates Posse Comitatus. Could you imagine the firestorm if evil republican man Bush takes over the state from the democratic woman governor? Impeachment cries would have been swift. Nagin and Blanco are soley responsible for the mess in New Orleans. They failed to bus people out. They failed to ensure the proper resources were in place. Blanco failed to let help enter the state when the Red Cross showed up. The fact is that Katrina is actually the fastest the gov't has responded to a tragedy like that. When Andrew killed Florida, FEMA (under President Clinton) took 6 days to get there and that was considered good at the time.

"...federal agencies into favor filled partisan clubhouse". You mean like when President Clinton fired all 92 of the US attroneys? 4 of which were investigating him? Or when President Clinton fired and framed the travel office? Putting cronies in place is nothing new. You can complain about it all you want, but until you tell your own people to stop cronyism, it t'aint gonna happen and even then it will continue. I don't like it, but that's the way it is.

Illegal eavesdropping? You mean that wiretapping of cell phones that every court has said is legal? That one? Come on, show me one US citizen that was illegally tapped. (crickets chirping). Thought so. The fact is the gov't has no interest in your calls to mom or whoever. All tapped calls were coming IN from abroad. Those do not need warrants.

E-coli due to underfunding. That's a funny one. Like President Bush has underfunded anything. He's only grown government at a faster clip that any other president. It's why his base is abandoning him (well that and amnesty). E-coli is nothing new. Remember algar on grapes? Mad cow in Canada? It happens. Agencies are not bodyguards stopping bad things. They are clean up officers who write reports and fine after problems. There can not be enough personnel to prevent. Only the companies can do that. When they don't, you nail them.

Look, if you want to bash President Bush, that's easy to do. I'll even join you. Let's go after amnesty, McCain-Feingold, growing every government agency at a never before seen pace, adding a 500 billion dollar drug program to medicare when it's already going bankrupt. Heck I'll even complain about the war too. We're not nation builders. Drop bombs, kill everything that moves and take over. When the next muslim nut job sees the smoking hole in the ground that once was Afganistan or Iraq, they may think twice. If not, make them a smoking hole. Eventually they will catch on. That will save those billions everyone seems to be complaining about too.

Well, my fangs have pumped out all the venom they can. I need to rest now to refill my bile sacks for the next one. Good night everyone.

irish19 said...

Patty, I'm sorry about your cousin, but my statement still stands. Redneck Chris expanded on it, but seems to have said mainly the same things. I might quarrel with him about drilling in the ANWR. As a conservative conservationist, I realize that someday we will likely need to do so. However, I question whether today is the day. More refineries-yes; research into clean coal and alternative energy-yes (especially fusion); more nuke plants-yes.
On the issue of health insurance, I think this has absolutely nothing to do with the war, and everything to do with the expense. Because someone has to pay for it. Saying, as Hillary did (IIRC) about her proposal to socialize medicine,
that it won't cost anyone anything because the government would pay for it, is either bald-faced lying or incredible ignorance of how things work.
Bringing in Katrina is, IMO, a very large red herring that has been left out in the sun for far too long. The President declared Louisiana a federal disaster area even before Katrina hit (the previous Wednesday). The local Democratic politicians not only dropped the ball, but lost it and couldn't find it again until it was too late.
Chris is also dead-on about the wiretaps.
I stand by my statement.

Redneck Chris said...

Hi Irish19,

We could debate ANWR, but we don't have to. The easiest fix for the short to medium term is to eliminate the RF gas regulations that dictates regional formulations of gas and go to one set of standards for the various octanes. I used to work in a couple refineries. Every time they had to make the environmental changes for each region of the country they were refining for, they had to shut down, clean out and start back up (called a turnaround). Refineries that aren't running can't add to the supply.

As far as ANWR goes, initially we don't even need to drill it. As soon as you open it for drilling, the price of oil tanks on the futures market without even putting up a single drill/pump. The post vote anticipation alone will drive the price down. As long as our hands are tied, we have no hammer to drive the price down.

Granted those are short term fixes. With China and India ramping up and sucking up every available barrel, the price won't stay down long. Eventually we will have to drill.

Now, I agree with you 100% that alternative sources are needed. Those are the long term solution and will take time to develop. A couple simple fixes would do wonders until we got there.

The other problem is our proxy government. Remember 2 years ago when gas spiked? The EPA revoked a summer requirement for reformulations. It dropped the price about 25-35 cents. Now, how in the hell does the EPA have the power to order states to change their formulas? Government by proxy. Congress is too gutless to do the bidding of the special interests (envirowackos in this case), so they hire hitmen to do it for them. If President Bush would toss out an executive order revoking all rules that haven't been voted on by congress, the vast majority of the government interference in our lives vanishes forever. They won't come back because there is no way they will put their fingerprints on that train wreck.

Make them vote and see what happens.

Patty, Anon (and you too Irish19) I am calling for President Bush's impeachment. Article 4 of the Constitution clearly says he has to protect this country from invasion. He has willfully neglected that with this amnesty bill. In fact, he is encouraging the criminal aliens to continue to invade. You can sign on too. Heck, I don't care why you're doing it, as long as immigration gets top billing.

Good to talk to y'all. I'm off to flame Senator Richard Burr. He betrayed us today and is now a 1 termer if I can help it. My money goes to his primary opponent and to the democrat if he wins the primary.

Good night all.

Patty said...

"I stand by my statement"
Irish19 you are not testifying before Congress this is just a damn blog. But thank you for your concern about my cousin. He was a good Marine. He knew he was probably going to die. He said to me before his deployment that it is a shame that GWB has made such horrible decisions. He also said that as a soldier he can’t ask those questions, all he can do is his duty. He said it was up to the rest of America to question his leadership.

Redneck Chris & Irish19,

You would both be correct in that I was in a hurry that day and rambled on about GWB and his screw-ups including things that did not necessarily have to do with GITMO. (I can imagine the head scratching)

I believe what Anon may have been trying to indicate is that everything the Bush administration has attempted (illegal or not) has been a failure. Chris, no one has to "sync up" so to speak. There are many people from all different backgrounds that are unhappy with the Bush administration. You only hear from the most outspoken due to the freakishly distorted media that all of us swear leans left or right depending on your political affiliation.

I have on occasion read the Daily Kos and am impressed by the breadth of knowledge and insight form the author and/or authors. Is that a crime?

I find it incredibly difficult to even comment on a site like this because we do not even appear to agree on the fundamentals. For example, you think the war is justified (or at least is the culmination of years of Presidential neglect) due to the serious threat these Islamic extremist terrorist groups present. I think the war is a huge mistake, regardless of the baseless pretense used and re-used as the reason for the initial invasion, and has further complicated our vulnerabilities in keeping this nation safe and secure from theses "Muslim nut-jobs." I believe diplomacy should be exhausted before we even think it necessary to use military force. (Unless we are attacked like 9/11, then invading the group responsible for the attack (in Afghanistan) is the appropriate response.) Hell, if you’re (GWB) going to invade Iraq as well and sell it to America as a necessary war then PLEASE at least have a damn plan!!! I still would not have supported such a thing but at least he would not have been a double failure. Instead, what has happened is undeniable: Iraq is a quagmire of epic proportions. We are less safe and in deep debt to boot.

As for the solution to gas prices, I find it just laughable that you would not want to support funding alternative fuel sources. This of course ties in to the real reason we are in Iraq. Yes we could drill ANWAR but in my studies it will only provide 1 percent of the nation’s daily oil over the average field’s lifespan of 40 years. Oil is a limited non-renewable resource! You are giving me a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem!

Health insurance obviously has nothing to do with GITMO unless of course you’ve seen the latest Michael Moore movie. Sorry I had to go there! I’m glad you feel like you can handle your insurance premiums. For those of us who are not in the best financial situations we struggle. I work for a small company that is unable to provide health insurance. My premium for just myself and not my son is $300.00 and that is Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS. Without giving to much info on my medical history, that is a steep monthly payment for one person, however; the health insurance problem goes beyond affordability of the premiums. You have small business unable to provide for employees due to state and federal regulations. You have widespread disagreement over whether government or private insurance industry is apt to do a better job and whether financial incentives can be reorganized so patients can get the care they need without losing their life savings if they suffer a misfortune. Don’t even get me started on Medicare or Medicaid. I could go on forever about the complexity of health care problems in this nation but until you live it yourself you will remain in ignorance.

Let me ask you a question regarding Katrina? If the disaster happened under Clinton, would you kiss his ass too? Yes, local and state governments made huge mistakes but the buck stops with the Federal government and the President of the United States. The House of Representatives bipartisan committee had this to say about the disaster, "The Select Committee identified failures at all levels of government that significantly undermined and detracted from the heroic efforts of first responders, private individuals and organizations, faith-based groups, and others." Also, many local emergency managers defended FEMA, pointing out that the Bush Administration has since 9/11 reduced the agency's budget, mission, and status. FEMA, which was elevated to cabinet-level status under Bill Clinton, was demoted to undersecretary status after the creation of DHS, which placed higher priority on countering terrorism than planning for natural disaster. And what about the aftermath of Katrina? Who do you think quickly received no-bid contracts to “rebuild” New Orleans? Yep, Halliburton. Once again, President Bush is taking advantage of the Katrina tragedy to get rid of workers' protections in favor of higher profits for politically connected corporations.

All Presidents clean house IN THE BEGINNING of their term. GWB is the moron who waits until his second term. The current U.S. attorney scandal is one of those multi-layered wonkfests that most people have only scratched the surface of, if that. On that surface, the scandal is about the firing of nine U.S. attorneys who hadn't proven themselves as "loyal Bushies." Conservative partisans tried to twist that narrative into something benign, noting that no political scandal ensued when President Clinton fired all 93 U.S. attorneys after he took office. Well, no. That's actually pretty standard procedure. President Bush did the same when he took office. This scandal is about firing Republican prosecutors who apparently weren't political enough, who didn't take marching orders from Karl Rove and Republican senators. It's about a little-noticed provision slipped into the reauthorization of the Patriot Act that allowed the U.S. attorney general to appoint new U.S. attorneys indefinitely without Senate confirmation. It's about White House interference with the traditional independence of the Justice Department from crass politics. And it's about attempts to cover up that interference, which may at this point include the illegal use of a parallel Republican National Committee computer system to conduct White House business while avoiding archive requirements for official e-mail. Peel back another layer, though, and the scandal becomes about a Republican attempt to use bogus vote fraud allegations in key swing states to affect the outcome of the 2006 and 2008 elections.

As far as the illegal wiretapping you are so wrong. It goes way beyond cell phones dumb ass! A group of Constitutional Scholars said that the Bush Administrations National Security Agency domestic spying program is fails to identify any plausible legal authority for such surveillance. With minor exceptions, FISA authorizes electronic surveillance only upon certain specified showings, and only if approved by a court. The statute specifically allows for warrantless wartime domestic electronic surveillance—but only for the first fifteen days of a war. This is just another example of Bush abusing his power.

The FDA is underfunded and understaffed because Bush needs the money for the Iraq war. Many government programs have been underfunded because Bush needs the money for the war. He has already raided the SS Trust Fund so he needs to tap into other sources. There are 12 Federal Agencies and 35 laws that govern food safety. USDA oversees meat and poultry and the FDA oversees eggs and produce. Since 2003, Bush has cut the FDA field staff by 12%. The government accountability office has said that the recent outbreak of e-coli etc. is “Katrina on your plate”. They said the FDA is understaffed, underfunded and without leadership…sound familiar?
Let’s face it; this country is in piss poor shape because of GWB. Can you give me just one example of something he has done right? Just one thing?
The majority of this nation agrees with ME.

Redneck Chris said...

Wow, Patty, I thought I was verbose. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of building a deck on my pool for my kids birthday party on Sunday. I will respond, but it will have to be when I get time.

I will start with one thing though. You said: "I find it incredibly difficult to even comment on a site like this because we do not even appear to agree on the fundamentals". I have to disagree! :) Sorry, I couldn't resist. Believe it or not, we do agree on some things, but as you said, the fundamentals are different for us. That is why you and I are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum. If we agreed on the fundamentals, it would just be a discussion of who we'll vote for in the primaries.

Anyway, I leveled the deck base and put in the supports for it so I am exhausted and sore as heck. I am definitely not young anymore...

Good night all, and I'll post soon as I can. In the meantime, lets' agree on this: AMNESTY IS DEAD! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Patty said...

Ha! That's funny Chris. Good luck with the deck and, "Happy Birthday to your kid."

Yes, the bill is toast! Kind of funny how both sides of the political spectrum told GWB, "NO"!