More Obama Smears

As part of my desire to keep Obama's Fight the Smears people working, I'm coming up with more smears for them to go after. So be sure to spread them around like that "Bush Lied People Died" crap the left like to spread.

1. Barack Obama thinks Battlestar Galactica, the original with Lorne Greene, is a true story.

2. Barack Obama is aroused by circus clowns.

3. Barack Obama believes in the fairness doctrine because he doesn't like folks talking without his permission.

4. Barack Obama is troubled daily by the hardship caused ordinary Americans by the price of arugala.

5. Barack Obama thinks Lenin was too right wing.

6. Barack Obama wants to charge Bush administration officials with war crimes, he also wants to arrest anyone who pointed out anything dumb that's been said by him and his wife.

7. When elected Barack Obama will dispense with the presidential limousine, preferring to be carried in a sedan chair by 6 Secret Service agents.

8. Barack Obama bases all policy decisions on the predictions of a Magic 8 Ball he got at the Dollar Store.

9. Barack Obama knowingly associated with unrepentant terrorists and shady Chicago bag-man at the beginning of his career.

10. Barack Obama is Klingon for "cheese fondler."

Any smears you have, please leave them in the pleas section, and keep watching the skies, because we're watching you.


Marvin said...

I wonder if any other candidates for president have such programs to counter lies and rumors against them? What about that nice young Cobra Commander fellow? What kind of lies has rumors has he been forced to confront?

jpm100 said...

"1. Barack Obama thinks Battlestar Galactica, the original with Lorne Greene, is a true story"

it isn't?

Rogue said...

Barak was a character in Mortal Combat before he was a Senator Barak